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 Singer, Guitarist and Bassist  
Born and raised in New York City and now based in Los Angeles.
Herman has recorded, and toured with various acts over the years.

Along with Chuck St. Troy, Herman is a founding member and performs with “American Pop” in Las Vegas, LA and Palm Springs.
This veteran of the stage always puts on a great show! The great vocal harmonies and classic guitar work give "American Pop" their signature sound.


Herman is also the Owner of Scrooge Productions in Los Angeles where he Records, Engineers and Produces projects for TV, Movies and works with many up and coming artists.


 Singer, Sax Player - Multi Instrumentalist.

Born and raised in New York City and now living in Las Vegas, this performer has been electrifying audiences with his extraordinary front man skills for his entire adult life.

His spot on vocal performances and blazing sax work is a focal point for "American Pop"

Live performance is the lifeblood of this musician.



Chuck St.Troy

Herman Eng

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